CSB Network Maintenance Status

The preliminary dates and times below are subject to change. A SMS notification will be sent once the times for your address are committed. This page will be updated frequently.

This table was last updated: 2022-04-12 17:21

If you have problems with Internet in your home following the completed work according to above, please first restart your router (power off/on). If problems persist, please contact BrainMill support via https://support.csbnet.se.
*Some apartments in building 88 will be affected by maintenance a day later, together with building 90.

Description of maintenance - non-technical

Why maintenance?

Just like fridges, lamps and elevators need maintenance, so does the network equipment. In particular, it has become too old and started breaking too much and will therefore be replaced. Please do note, that this maintenance will not improve slow Internet due to WiFi issues (which is 9 out of 10 times the cause). If you wonder why, see the "Slow WiFi" FAQ question below.

Do I need to do something?

It would be great if you could double check that your contact information on Chalmers Studentbostäder - Uppgifter is up to date. Other than that, you should not need to do anything (unless you are a technical user - see technical description). If you have important work to do the morning after the upgrade, please make sure to test the Internet after the upgrade is finished by browsing to some website or streaming something, for example. If you do experience issues after the upgrade, please first restart your router (power off/on) and if the problems persist, please contact BrainMill support via https://support.csbnet.se. We will monitor the support with extra attention during this work.

Description of maintenance - technical

Why maintenance?

The existing network equipment has reached such an age that it is no longer suitably reliable or efficient. While the individual apartment capacity will remain the same (1000/1000 Mbps wired bandwidth) after the maintenance, the Internet capacity from SUNET will be increased from 10+10 Gbps to 100+100 Gbps. Additionally, the internal switching bandwidth per apartment will be increased such that a maximum of 2*48 apartments - usually fewer - share 10+10 Gbps internally which is an improvement from before and although there hasn't been any issues stemming from this yet it is prudent to "stay ahead of the curve". Redundancy in the network will remain the same, but IP address allocation efficiency will be improved and support for IPv6 DHCP Prefix Delegation will be added (so home routers can retrieve IPv6 prefixes) in a near future (pending a opt-in feature).

Do I need to do something?

In addition to the non-technical guidance above, if you have DNS names pointed to a server in your apartment or in other ways rely on the static IP address you have, pay attention! Your IP addresses will change as a consequence of this maintenance work and there is no way around this unfortunately. You will still have stable addresses after the maintenance, but it will be different ones than you have today and we cannot tell you in advance what your new address/addresses will be. If you use DNS names or similar, we recommend you reduce the Time To Live (TTL) of the individual records prior to the upgrade work (60 seconds is a typical time), and that you prepare to update the records once you have received your new IP address/addresses. Usually it's good to wait a day or so after a change of IP, before changing the TTL back to its previous value.

Maintenance FAQ