A collection of resources for CSBNET - Chalmers Studentbostäder's Internet network - operated by BrainMill AB.

If you have problems with Internet in your home, check out our FAQ and if that doesn't help, please contact BrainMill support via https://support.csbnet.se.


Unplanned downtime - DHCP server


Tonight at ~01:45 the server hosting our DHCP service broke down. As a result devices were not able to renew their DHCP leases and once the lease expired, they lost internet access. Depending on how unlucky the client's timing was, they were without internet between 0 and 10 hours. The issue was first reported at 10:53 and resolved at 13:41, as all of BrainMill's network technicians were unfortunately 2 or more hours away. We apologize of the disruption.

Unplanned downtime - Lightning Strike


Today we there was a lightning strike at around 17:45, causing a powersurge which made a lot of equippement reboot. Nothing was damaged but the internet was not accessible during this time. The downtime was ~7 minutes.

Unplanned downtime - Redundancy fail during maintenance


Today there was a short downtime (~15:36-15:55). We do have redundancy which allows us to carry out maintenance without disturbing your internet, however due to a human error the redundancy did not activate like it should, resulting in some downtime. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Network Maintenance


Just like fridges, lamps and elevators need maintenance, so does the network equipment. There will be a major network maintenance during week 46-50 (approximately). See our dedicated network maintenance page.